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Caribbean Market

We are the leading retailer of Caribbean, African and Newfoundland foods in western Canada. Located in the city of New Westminister in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, we have been serving our customers in the region for over 20 years. A recent change in management and location has intensified our commitment to supply quality authentic products to our customers.

We sell your favourite products from ackees, jerk sauces, hot sauces, green bananas, breadfruit, roti, pounded yam, hard bread biscuits, pork riblets. curry, caribbean soft drinks, mauby and other syrups, jamaican patties and many other products.

Now the speed of online shopping, the convenience of fast delivery and the value of discount groceries can be yours from the comfort of your own home!

Just click on the "Shop" tab  and you will be able to browse ALL our products online. We accept paypal, and most major credit cards using established fast and secure channels.  We DO NOT store your credit card information on our site and we will never share your email address with anyone.

We ship to any part of British Columbia with exceptional fast delivery within the Lower Mainland and Fraser valley. Orders received by 2:00pm, are packaged and shipped the same day (for overnight delivery) providing that the items are in stock.

Caribbean Market values ALL our customers and encourages feedback and suggestions from you. The Contact Us form is available for customers wishing to have their questions answered by our customer service. Check our "Help" link for Frequently asked questions before submitting your question.

Our resources section includes articles with information on the origins of the foods we sell, recipes and links to cooking shows, that give ideas on cooking some of our traditional recipes.


Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates

If you do not see a shipping rate for your area, We DO NOT Ship to that area normally.


Please call the store to have your order processed manually !!!


We are in the process of updating our shipping rates and service areas.  We will soon be annoucing rates to most of Canada and some points in the USA.


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News from the Caribbean

  • Milestone agreement signed for solar generation project in Jamaica
    KINGSTON, Jamaica -- WRB Enterprises and Jamaica Public Service (JPS) signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) on Thursday, paving the way for JPS purchasing energy from the renewable power generation company.  The 20-year agreement with Content Solar Limited, WRB’s Jamaican...
  • Bahamas police chief defends policing plan
    NASSAU, Bahamas -- While being careful not to respond directly to Prime Minister Perry Christie’s comment that the Bahamas government needs to “go back to the drawing board” with its crime strategies, Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade on Thursday defended his policing plan for 2014.
  • Footsie
    We continue to go to mechanics to pull teeth All psycho socio economic problems have a root Yet you all expect politicians to tell you the truth When the biggest criminals wear jackets, ties and fancy suits If you intend to tackle a problem you have to go to the root...
  • Surinam Airways flights to Aruba to be banned if government fails to comply with ultimatum
    ORANJESTAD, Aruba -- According to a report from Noticiacla.com in Aruba, the government of Suriname has five days to respond to the situation of Insel Air Aruba. If they fail to comply, then Aruba will stop all the flights from Surinam Airways to the island for a period of six months.
  • Commentary: For the healing of this nation
    As we mark the 31st anniversary of independence of St Kitts and Nevis, my fervent prayer is that our torn and much violated nation will be healed. And while I celebrate the fact of independence, I see no reason to celebrate the state of our nation, or the way in which...

Quick Caribbean Chicken

from bhg.com -- posted by Chef #1298498
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Curried Beef

Curried beef was a staple when I was growing up, therefore consider it one of my favourite 'comfort' foods. More often than not, my Mother used goat meat. If you get the chance, I highly recommend giving it a try. The curried meat was usually served with Rice 'n Peas (Recipe #373354 is a good version) or plain white rice. You could also substitute the beef with pork tenderloin. The amount of curry given is just a guideline. Each brand and type of curry has it's own unique qualities and intensity. If you do not have access to scotch bonnet peppers, habeneros or jalapenos will do. Freezes well for later use. -- posted by Diana #2
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Caribbean Foods Glossary


A handful of islands grow ackee as an ornamental tree, but only Jamaica looks at it as a tree that bears edible fruit. The ackee fruit is bright red. When ripe it bursts open to reveal three large black seeds and bright yellow flesh that is popular as a breakfast food throughout Jamaica. Ackee's scientific name, blighia sapida, comes from Captain Bligh, who introduced the plant to Jamaica from West Africa. Ackee is poisonous if eaten before it is fully mature and because of its toxicity, it is subject to import restrictions and may be hard to obtain in some countries. Never open an ackee pod; it will open itself when it ceases to be deadly. Ackee is sold canned in West Indian markets.

Allspice, Pimienta
Dark-brown berry, similar in size to juniper, that combines the flavors of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.


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Pan Fried Cuban Sandwich

Recently I threw a few parties with "miniature" sandwiches and was attempting to find new unique ways to change up traditional classics like Ruben, Philly Cheesesteak, Grilled Cheese, Po-Boys, etc. I personally a good traditional Cuban sandwich, so I experimented a bit and got this recipe to work. My portion measurements may be slightly off, so don't get mad if my portions are slightly off (too much meet, not enough biscuits, etc.) -- posted by Melanie B.
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Caribbean Chicken

This sauce has the perfect balance, thanks Sunny A. It's my favorite for drumsticks. I buy the big bulk packages of drumsticks and whip up this sauce. Marinating and basting options follow. I just baste as it cooks and it's delicious. Recipe is for 3 lbs. chicken wings. I use 12 big drumsticks and have no sauce left over. -- posted by jrusk
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